The Face of Love

by Liquid Bloom

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Natalie Boyle Wicker
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Natalie Boyle Wicker Amazingly powerful song to use paired with yoga. Takes the students on a journey. Fosters heart release. Used with students releasing greif, and also paired with heart openers. The sounds do so much of the work for the yogini. Amazing. We get lost in the sound space. Thank you Desert Dwellers. Favorite track: The Face of Love: Healing Fire Breath.
Meow thumbnail
Meow Thank You Sisters and Brothers for this powerful lovely medicine <3 Namaste Favorite track: The Face of Love: A Guided Spirit Journey.
Elisande Halton
Elisande Halton thumbnail
Elisande Halton I love this album because it is what I call Higher Consciousness music with a modern twist. It allows an easier shift into edgewalking between and through other dimensions. Opening to allow the energy of Love to flow through this vessel and on out into this world and all other dimensional realms. Favorite track: The Face of Love: A Guided Spirit Journey.


Originally conceived by Amani Friend’s mother, ecstatic trance healer Bente Darma Friend, as a visionary spirit journey through the chakras of the body, this guided meditation voyage translates the cycle of energy centers into a richly resonant tapestry of sound.

Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers) and Rara Avis collaborated together on the production of this album, along with such artists as Native American flute maestro Robert Mirabal and vocalist Sarah West, composing a multi-layered mosaic that includes overtone chanting, ethereal singing, shamanic invocations and natural atmospheres. In 2012, Amani met sacred performance artist Ixchel Prisma, and over the next two years they created the album Heart of the Shamans --utilizing the finely tuned arrangements of The Face of Love as the primary foundation for Ixchel’s ceremonial medicine songs.

Following this year’s release of Heart of the Shamans, here is the original version of The Face of Love, combining its enchanting musical palette with poetic healing guidance and body postures for each track’s corresponding chakra. Each phase of this cycle is a mirror for our soul, unfolding unique, spontaneous, ever-changing visions and insights.


released October 2, 2015

Sound Alchemists

Amani Friend - overall production, sound design, composition, pads, didgeridoo, percussion, shakers, jaw’s harp, nature recordings, gongs
Rara Avis - Production, pads, deep mantra chants, overtone singing, spoken word
Sarah West - angelic vocals and tones, spoken word
Robert Mirabal - Native American flutes, spoken word
Aum Prakash - whistles, charango, mantras, jaw’s harp
Bente Darma Friend - spoken word
Domonic Dean Breaux - silver flute
Steve Landsberg - surbahar and tamboura
James Cunané - shamanic smoke breath
David Dunn - nature recording of pond insects

Album Production

Album produced by Amani Friend & Rara Avis
Spoken Word, album intention and text written by Bente Darma Friend
Artwork for cover by Amanda Sage
Graphic design and packaging layout by Amani Friend (
Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Global Dragon Studio (Santa Fe, NM)
© & (P) Global Dragon 2014 (ASCAP)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the talented musicians and vocalists who have contributed their masterful art to this project. Deepest bows of respect to the lineage holders and ancient wisdom carriers of the traditional cultures that are woven into the fabric of this collaboration. Thank you to Vajra for allowing us to use his amazing artwork for the cover design, to our White Swan family for always supporting such medicinal music, and to Craig Kohland of Shamans Dream for his support and friendship over the years.

A portion of all proceeds from this album and from Shaman's Eye will be given to the Paititi Institute (


all rights reserved



Desert Dwellers Boulder, Colorado

Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe. Together they combine the sounds of the electronic and natural worlds, blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices & culture crossing instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind & body. With this fusion of dance tracks & down tempo sounds they have enabled listeners a heightened sense of being through their musical medium. ... more


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